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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bus tour of Rio

Spent the morning sitting by the beach drinking straight from a coconut that they cut open with a machete in front of you, listening to funny guys in a samba band.
In the afternoon we headed off on a tour of the city. Went up through the Tijuca national park to see the Christ the Redeemer statue. When we got there it was so cloudy that we could only get brief glimpses of it whenever the clouds blew over. The clouds also finished off any ideas of paragliding - not to worry we´ve still got New Zealand. We did see a monkey in the trees just below the statue though!

Had dinner in Garota de Ipanema which is where the Girl from Ipanema was composed. Dinner was delicious and we were lucky enough to see an impromptu capoeira performance (that´s the martial art that looks like dancing, remember the BBC ad). The guys were unbelievable sommersaulting through rings of fire and backflipping over eight foot high flaming rope..

Ended the night watching the sea come in on Ipanema beach...


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