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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Attack of the giant snails

Dragged our hungover heads out of bed and decided that a swim would be the best thing for us.
The two of us and Kate went for a walk along one of the trails and found a deserted beach and had a lovely swim in the warm water.

Spent the day chilling out (cause we´re so stressed..) and then headed into town with the gang and our two barmen, Freddy and Billy.

On the way we discovered that the island is covered in giant snails the size of my head. Okay maybe not as big as my head but they were still seriously huge - about 6 inches high x 6 inches long. We´ve never seen anything like it. Billy warned us not to touch them though because they´re poisonous.

Met up with Wanda and Fabrizio and all their friends and headed to the other nightclub Banana Blu. Such a good night, especially for Ciaran who has discovered that he LOVES the Brazilian drink Caiparinha and they´re so strong and cheap (just like him - teeheehee).


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