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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Girls volleyball on the beach...

Spent the day wandering around Copacabana and down to Ipanema.
The beaches are huge but by the look of things the water seems polluted...

So far we love Rio. It´s so alive and seems to have everything you´d ever need right on your doorstep. The views are amazing and the place is buzzing the whole time. The city is built right beside the sea with jutting mountains all around. Tunnels are cut through the mountains for the cars to get around.

The people are really friendly and so image conscious. There seems to be tonnes of people with facelift - skin all stretched back and freaky looking.

Crime is quite bad though and after only being out of the hostel for two minutes we witnessed a double mugging of two separate women on the street. The good thing though is that as soon as they screamed every single person in the area started running after the kids that robbed them. A couple of seconds later they had their belongings back but the kids just ran off.

Spent the evening at Ipanema beach, having a couple of beers at one of the beach huts. It was the happiest moment of my life when the girls volley ball team started practicing right in front of us.... what a great way to spend an evening...


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