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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Quest for Lopes Mendes... day one...

We´ve heard that the most beautiful beach in Brazil is on the island so today we thought it would be a brilliant idea to head off into the jungle to find it.... maybe we should´ve brought a map...

After breakfast and a swim, myself, Elaine, Kate and Ralf set off on our trek through the jungle. Elaine was suitably hungover and the searing humidity and 2 hour uphill climb through the jungle lead to a lovely bout of puking for her!

Along the way (apart from Elaine´s breakfast), we saw a monkeys and squirrels and a procession of really big ants that were all carrying leaves about 10 times the size of them.

I also found the going a bit tough, especially on the way down the other side of the mountain because I had absolutely no grip in the red mud and spent about 2 hours sliding down the hill.

When we finally emerged from the jungle, we were pretty disappointed to see Lopes Mendes. it wasn´t the nicest beach on the island, let alone Brazil. We stopped off and bought ourselves a few drinks and the locals there told us that that beach wasn´t Lopes Mendes at all! We needed to trek up another mountain, back into the jungle.

After another climb up and slide down we saw another beach - nice but not amazing. By this stage it had started raining as it only possibly could in a rain forest - huge drops. It was after 3 ´clock and seeing as it starts getting dark over here at about 5.30 we decided to call off the quest and get the boat back to the town. Lucky we got there at that time because the last boat was leaving just as we reached it.

The boat ride back wass pretty rocky and the rain was pouring down - soaked again! We did see a flying fish though so that was good. At one stage Elaine and I had our goggles on trying to see out!

Took it easy that night - just a couple of Caipirinha´s!


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