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Monday, September 19, 2005

The Quest for Lopes Mendes... day two...

Today, we decided on the smart option. We got the boat to what has now become known as Lopes Mendes II and went in search of the real Lopes Mendes!

It turned out it was only a 30 minute hike from where we were yesterday!

It was worth every bit of effort. Completely beautiful and unspoilt. The rainforest went right down to the white powdery sand which had the same texture as snow under our feet and the sea was fantastic - bluey green with huge waves, exactly how you would imagine one of the most beautiful beaches in the world to look...

We had a fantastic day, lying under palm trees and swimming in the warm water, getting knocked over by huge waves - complete heaven...

Back to the hostel where we stumbled across the biggest worm in the world! Seriously, this thing was at least 4 foot long (and no, it wasn´t a snake!).

Watched the sunset and chilled out in the hostel bar with the gang - a perfect day.


  • Yeah well, I went out to the beautiful beach of Bray on Saturday in the wind and the rain, paradise!

    By Blogger Siobhan, at 2:21 AM  

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