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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Cobra... and the island of Fabrizio´s...

We´re woken this morning by the sound of our screaming landlady followed by much bashing and shouting. They had discovered a cobra sleeping in a laundry basket outside our room!!
What an exciting start to the day!

We would´ve liked to have gone kayaking today but they tell us it´s too windy so we just lazed about on another beach, swimming and taking it easy...

As it´s our last night on Ilha Grande we headed up into town and met up with the local guys for one too many caipirinha´s. Discovered our barman who we´ve been calling Freddy for a week is actually called Fabrizio and couldn´t figure out why we were calling him Freddy... we´re not too sure either but soon discover that Billy is also called Fabrizio. We reckon this must be the ´Paddy´of Brazil. Billy also tells us that at the grand old age of 26 he has 6 children to 4 different mothers and has 33 brothers and sisters - fertile family!

Ended the night lying out on the deck watching the stars until the sun started to come up....


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