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Friday, September 16, 2005

Ilha Grande

After 28 hours travel we eventually reached Ilha Grande - it was completely worth the effort.
We heard about a hostel called Aquario and checked in there. The lady manager of the place, Lineria, is completely nuts just goes around screaming and shouting in Portuguese at all the staff and guests but we don´t care cause we´re in paradise.

The hostel is built right on the sea with our room literally 3 foot from the water and they´ve built an enclosed sea water pool - not bad for EUR10 each (including breakfast)!!

The island is just like Jurassic Park (or so Ciaran keeps saying). Tropical rain forests run right down to beautiful beaches. We´re told that the most beautiful beach in Brazil is on the far side of the island so make a plan to go there.

We met a cool Aussie girl called Kate who seems to think exactly the way I think which is kinda freaky! Naturally we love each other!!

We headed to the town (village) for dinner and had a lovely waiter who just laughs all the time. He doesn´t speak english and we obviously don´t speak portuguese but we somehow manage to have a great laugh!

Back to the hostel bar (outdoors, hammocks, sound of the sea - you know what I mean) and had a few too many drinks with the rest of the people in the hostel and the barman, Freddy, who offered to take us out and show us the local nightclubs.

It was a great night in an outdoor nightclub with the rain pouring down (stupid tropical rainforest areas!). Met loads of the locals including our waiter from earlier, Wanda, and his friend Fabrizio.

Home to bed about 6am - great night....


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