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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rio here we come...

After two hours sleep it was time to get the ferry back to Brazil, poor aul Kate left with us and seeing as we had an hour or so to kill on the boat I thought it would be a perfect time to try out my eyebrow dying kit... poor poor Kate with the illuminous eyebrows, she may never speak to us again.
On the good side - at least I got to test my skill before ruining my own face.... (sorry Kate).

Arrived in Rio and everyone started staring at me again. Seriously I don´t think they even knew that people came with red hair and freckles. I feel like a freak show! Hope it doesn´t get as bad as Buenos Aires here with people stopping in their tracks to look at me...

Checked into our hostel in Copacabana and had an early night, one too many capirinha´s has finished us off...

ps. Wander and Fabrizio if you read this we´ve lost your e-mail addresses already so drop us a line.


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