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Monday, September 12, 2005

Tango in the City of the Dead

Well, we spent the day walking all around Buenos Aires. It´s an absoloutely huge city, we had no idea how big it would be but luckily all the main things to see are in the centre and so is our hostel.

Much to Elaine´s delight we spent the afternoon walking around the city of the dead in Recoletta which is what they call this huge cemetery full of massive elaborate tombs of famous Argentinians. I thought it might be a laugh to hide and jump out at Elaine but seeing as she was already crapping herself I decided against it (and of making any references to Thriller!!).

Went to a Tango show with a gang from the hostel, which was great to see apart from the fact that we were sitting so far back we couldn´t see their feet. There was a really cool guy doing some sort of dance with his balls. That´s his special Argentinian dancing balls on string, kinda looked like martial arts stuff. There was a great atmosphere, they all seem to love the Tango here.

Back to the hostel for a party!!


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