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Monday, May 07, 2007

Wyndham & Kununurra

Leaving Turkey Creek roadhouse we headed north towards Wyndham. Just outside Wyndham we stopped at The Grotto which is a natural watering hole and was perfect for a cooling mid morning swim. The Grotto is the type of place that Bounty Ads are made of - wow!
Wyndham wasn't a very exciting place so after a quick stop there we headed back to the highway and on to Kununurra which is pretty much the last town in The Kimberley.
We stayed at the Ivanhoe campsite in Kununurra which was brilliant, mainly because of it's shady swimming pool! We had a gorgeous meal out in the local pub (each steak was big enough to feed 5 people!) and had a couple of days visiting great little places in the local area.

We went up to Ivanhoe Crossing where you have to watch your step or you'll likely stand on a crocodile - although that still didn't stop the locals standing in the middle of the river fishing. On one side it's safe but the otherside is full of crocs.

We went to Hidden Valley (Miriana NP) and spent a couple of hours walking and exploring there. It's really beautiful, lush green and with lots of 'mini bungle bungles'. After that we went to The Zebra Rock Gallery and spent lots of time relaxing in the gardens there and feeding the fish and turtles in the river at the bottom of the garden. The rock that they mine at Zebra Rock is brown and cream and stripy like a zebra, it was very tempting to buy some of their carvings but I don't really fancy the idea of lugging a piece of rock around Asia for the next 10 weeks. While we were there we spotted loads of little puppies that were just hiding in the bush outside the workshop - they were so cute and we played with them for a while but eventually we had to drag Elaine away - she would have spent all day there with them!

We also saw the floodgates of the Diversion Dam on the Ord River being opened. The dam holds 9 times the amount of water that's in Sydney Harbour so it was a fairly powerful sight to see all that water gushing through. We finished off the afternoon with a trip to the Hoochery rum distillery (very tasty!) and then up to Kelley's Knob to watch the sunset over Kunnunura.


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