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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Purnululu &The Bungle Bungle

Turkey Creek is just a little roadhouse with a caravan park out the back but it's also located quite close to Purnululu National Park which is home to The Bungle Bungle. The Bungle Bungle are orange and black beehive shaped stripy domes made of limestone and they're one of the main sights to see in The Kimberley.
We took a scenic flight from Turkey Creek (a Cessna 210 for Rob, Bob & Peter). We were in the air for about an hour while the pilot gave us a guided tour over Picanniny Gorge, the Bungle Massif, the Bungle Bungle and the other main sights in the national park. It was fantastic to see if from the air but we were glad to get off the plane because it was so bumpy we were all nearly getting sick (especially Elaine with her head practically in the sick bag!).

Down on the ground we met up with our tour guide who drove us in a 4wd through the Bungles and over to Cathedral Gorge. It was about 2km walk into Cathedral Gorge through the Bungles and some really beautiful scenery. The Gorge itself is huge and at the end you reach a massive dome (the cathedral part) with a pool for swimming.
After Cathedral Gorge it was time to start making our way out of the National Park. It took us nearly 2 hours to cover 53km's across rough ground in the 4wd, crossing a couple of very wet fords along the way and of course we stopped to watch the sunset which was a lovely end to the day.

Back to Turkey Creek and we were all in great form after such a brilliant day.


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