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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The long drive....

The west coast is huge! I don't think we really realised how big it was until we started driving.

We've driven more than 3000 km's since we left Perth. All of the towns are tiny, they wouldn't even rate as villages in Ireland! We've had emu's running out in the road in front of us and we must've had about 1000 bugs splattered on our windscreen!

From Coral Bay we drove into Exmouth and then on to Cape Range National Park. Cape Range NP was a bit of a washout as the rain there was torrential, but that didn't stop us having fun. We put on our swimmers and ran down to the beach and swam over the Ningaloo Reef in the rain. It was brilliant with turtles swimming by us and a big ray just floated past too. Then it was off for an early start as we headed north. Destination Broome which took us 2 full days of driving to get from Exmouth to Broome. On Thursday we drove over 1000km's!


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