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Thursday, April 19, 2007


We left The Pinnacles and headed back to the highway. To give you an idea of the huge distances we're driving; it took us nearly 2 hours to reach the highway!

Next stop Kalbarri National Park. However our van had other ideas and broke down just outside Northhampton. We were so lucky we were near a town and not in the middle of the outback as there's no mobile signal anywhere except big towns. We called roadside assistance and they came and fixed us that evening.

One night and one power steering belt later we were driving again and got to Kalbarri National Park early that day.

The road into Kalbarri NP is an unsealed dirt track and it took about 1 hour to cover 25km and it was so bumpy the van sounded none too healthy and the end either.

We went to see Natures Window, The Loop and The Z Bend which were nice but not spectacular as the Murchison River was mostly dried out. We would love to be here in The Wet to see the river in the gorges in full flow.

Kalbarri town is a stereotypical Aussie seaside town where the kids go surfing and the men go fishing but the bay itself is really picturesque and we could easily stay here for a week just chilling


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