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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fitzroy Crossing & Geikie Gorge

We left Broome and had a relatively short drive to Fitzroy Crossing (450kms). Fitzroy is a tiny town in the middle of the Kimberley and it wouldn't have been a stop off point apart from the fact that it's home to Geikie Gorge which we've been told is beautiful.

We stayed in Fitzroy that night and got up at sunrise to take a walk through the Geikie NP and a boat trip up the gorge. It was lovely to drive into the park just after sunrise and see all the wallabies running through the bush, although we had a couple of near misses in the van as they bounded across the road in front of us!

The gorge itself is a beautiful place that used to be a reef in the inland sea milliions of years ago. We saw our first crocodiles of the West Coast too - a fresh water one that was basking on the bank as we cruised by. The place was amazing but by 11am it was far too hot so we headed back to the van and the drive to Turkey Creek.


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