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Monday, April 30, 2007


Broome is mainly famous for the spectacular sunsets at Cable Beach and now we can understand why. We spent 5 days in Broome staying at the Palm Grove Holiday Resort just a few minutes walk from the beach. The campsite is gorgeous with a really good swimming pool to jump into whenever the 38° heat got too much for us. It's so hot here, only cooling down to the mid 20's during the night and we're getting up so early everyday because the tent and the van are just too hot to sleep in, it's like trying to sleep in a sauna.

We spent a couple of nice days at the beach running into the warm water to try to cool off a little. Most of the evenings we've spent sitting on the beach or at Guantheaume Point watching the changing colours at sunset and we've had a couple of really nice meals out. On our last night in Broome we all took a camel ride over the dunes and down the beach. It was great fun. We never realised how big and smelly they are and the camel behind our one was completely nuts! Constantly trying to wander off into the bushes and eating everything in sight - I don't think the Japanese men on his back were too impressed with Elaine tempting it into the bushes at every possible opportunity, it gave us a good laugh though!


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