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Monday, April 23, 2007

Coral Bay

We have found Paradise... 700kms north of Monkey Mia is the tiny little town of Coral Bay (population 120, think Summer Bay)

It's the cutest town set right on the most beautiful beaches where you can walk out into the warm turquoise water to the coral of Ningaloo Reef, this has to be one of Australia's best kept secrets.
Ningaloo Reef is one of the biggest unspoilt reefs in the world. We've been in it, on it and over it and it is beautiful.

We've had a few perfectly lazy days in Coral Bay which have included a trip on a glass bottomed boat out over the reef where we snorkeled amongst hundreds of brightly coloured fish and huge snapper.

The coral here doesn't seem to be as brightly coloured as the Great Barrier Reef (what we've seen of it anyway) but the fish are far more brazen; swimming right up to us and brushing past. At one point I was surrounded by about 40 or 50 large snapper. It felt like they were eying me up for dinner instead of the other way round! It was brilliant diving down in amongst the coral and giant clams. The water was so warm I didn't want to get back on the boat!

We also took a scenic flight over the reef. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so great that day but the views were still spectacular. The 3 of us and a pilot crammed into a tiny Cessna 179 (I'm sure you'll be familiar with that one Peter, Bob & Rob!!) and headed south over the reef.
The views were breathtaking, you'll see what we mean by the photo's.

We love Coral Bay!


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