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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Litchfield National Park

We didn't think anything would top the crocodile cruise of that morning but on the way to Litchfield we stopped at The Didgeridoo Hut to check out some of the didgs and artwork and on our way out we saw a baby kangaroo and possum that had been orphaned and were being cared for by the owners.

The possum was cute and everything but it was the little roo that got all the attention as he jumped around on unsteady legs and tried to hop into Elaines "pouch" whenever she crouched down. I think Elaine would have taken him home there and then! He was so gorgeous and soft and we want one as a pet now! There was a Flaming Galah (Alf Stewart would be proud) that took quite a shine to Dads camera too and kept trying to eat his lens cap!

We eventually dragged ourselves away from the little roo and headed on down the road to Litchfield NP where we had a relaxing afternoon and just spent the rest of the day reading and swimming in the pool (and killing all the bloody bugs in the evening).

Next day we went to Wangi Fall which is one of the highlights of the park however the swimming hole was closed because of crocodiles in the water and the walking track was closed because of bushfires but just to see the falls was still fantastic one big and one smaller waterfall in a lush green grotto gushing into the plunge pool.

We headed on to Tolmer falls where we had a chance to take a short walk and view this waterfall. It's completely different from Wangi, with the water flowing under a limestone arch and then over a 30metre drop.

The third and final waterfall of the day was Florence Fall. We took the 5km walk from Buley Rockhole which is a really gorgeous river with lots of people swimming in all the little cascades. The sun was absoloutely baking us by the time we got to the falls so we dived straight in. God the water was so cold! After messing about for a half hour or so and making sure we were cooled down enough we headed back to the van and the campsite for our last day on the road. Tomorrow we head to Darwin, our final destination in Australia.


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