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Sunday, September 03, 2006

We're off to see the wizard....

After quite a long day travelling from Christchurch (14 hours) we arrived in Cairns (North East, Oz) and were greeted by bright blue skies and scorching hot weather.

We checked into Global Palace hostel which is right in the centre of the town and spent a few days just hanging around Cairns, down by the lagoon which is really great. The weather is about 30°c every day and most days blue skies but it completely lashed one of the days and was fairly overcast another.

Nights kicked off with a free dinner in PJ O'Briens pub which was a great spot to watch the GAA hurling final the other night then on to Gilligans or the Woolshed.

We wanted to buy a van to travel down to Sydney in but there's absoloutely nothing for sale so we've decided to hire a Wicked Camper - cheapest option and they look cool!


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