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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Christchurch & snowboarding

After Kaikoura it was time to head back to Christchurch to sell the car so that we can go to Australia. We thought it might take us weeks to sell but on the second day we got lucky and a guy put a deposit down. Ciaran headed off to Methven for a few days snowboarding in Mt Hutt and I hung around to finalise the sale i.e. get the money!

With the money in the bank it was time for me to hit the shops - yahoo! and book our flights to Oz - yahoo yahoo!!
So with flights booked for Wednesday morning - flying into Cairns and new summer clothes to wear when I get there I'm now back down in Methven waiting for Ciaran to finish snowboarding. Then tomorrow it's back to Christchurch (gonna treat ourselves to a nice hotel) then up at 4am on Wednesday to catch our flight - can't wait!


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