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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ka Kite New Zealand

Well the day has finally arrived to leave New Zealand.

Things we've loved about New Zealand - absolutely everything!

Things we think are crazy in New Zealand
  • People walking barefoot in the middle of winter
  • People walking barefoot right in the centre of cities!
  • 1 lane bridges, everywhere - I mean seriously, would it cost that much extra to build another lane?!
  • Girls doing their grocery shopping in their bikini (I personally didn't mind this one too much)
  • Pacificas wearing t-shirts in a ball on their head topped off with a baseball cap balanced precariously on top (and of course 1 leg of their trousers rolled up to their knee - stylish)!
  • Signs on the road that point to a 'Historic Place/Bridge/Whatever' - no other details given

We've absolutely loved New Zealand and can hardly believe we're leaving, so to you New Zealand we say 'Ka Kite, Goodnight'


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