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Monday, August 07, 2006


After all the nature and sightseeing in Milford, it was time to head to Queenstown for some fun and nightlife. Anyone thats ever been to NZ knows that Queenstown in party central and it didn't disappoint!

I spent a few days snowboarding in Coronet Peak and at the Remarkables but it was cut a little short when I did a 'face plant' and I'm now nursing some badly bruised ribs! I think I may have over estimated my ability and taken to the jumps a little too soon! Maybe I had got carried away because we'd seen a Rail Jam (people getting TRICKY! on hand rails!) on one of the main streets the night before. Elaine took the easier option and spent a few days shopping, coffee and just chilling out.

We met up with loads of people in our hostel (Southern Laughter) and had loads of great nights out in The World Bar, Winnies, Frasers, Buffalo Bar and Red Rock to name just a few! It was usually topped off with a Fergburger (the nicest burgers in the whole world!) on the way home at about 5am...

We took a trip to Arrowtown which wasn't very exciting unless you're interested in Chinese gold miners (which we're not...).

We also spent a day at Deer Park which was just brilliant. Its basically a wildlife park and we got a bucket full of feed and spent the day with llamas, alpacas, bison, deer, miniature horses, pigs and goats all feeding from our hands. At one stage we practically had to beat a llama out of our car his head was stuck so far in the window! The miniature horses were my favourite - fully grown horses only the size of a big dog - how cool!

The scenery from up there was just amazing with 360° views of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables (the aptly named mountains). Its no surprise to learn that Deer Park was the location for a lot of the scenes from The Lord Of The Rings. We had a really nice picnic beside a mirror lake reflecting the Remarkables. It was a perfect New Zealand day with bright blue skies and we were surrounded by snow capped mountains...

We took a gondola ride up the mountain in Queenstown and watched the sunset and the lights of the city coming on. While we were up there we tried out the luge, which is basically a tobaggan that goes on concrete down the mountain side a break-neck speed - absolutely brilliant fun!
We just loved Queenstown; it was absolutely amazing. I've got a feeling we'll be back there in a few weeks...


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