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Monday, September 11, 2006

Magnetic Island

We took the ferry to Magnetic Island today. Its a smallish island about 20 minutes ferry from Townsville. There's loads of wildlife there, we stayed at Bungalow Bay backpackers in Horseshoe Bay. After a swim in the sea we had a tour of the wildlife sanctuary attached to the hostel. We both had the opportunity to hold a baby crocodile, lizards, snakes and best of all to cuddle a Koala! They were so cute and sleepy and I'd love one as a pet! The smell of eucalyptus from them is a bit much though!

The ranger took us on a walk through the rainforest and we saw a Golden Orb spider (quite deadly and can jump up to a metre!) and hundreds of butterflies that stay in there to avoid becoming lunch for the birds! He also pointed out Curlews to us which were so well camouflaged that we wouldn't have spotted them otherwise.

Watched the sunset on the beach at Horshoe Bay and that night I saw my first Possum after searching for them for nearly a year in NZ! There were tons of them at the hostel and they were in and out of the bar area all night and not a bit shy.


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