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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas on the beach

We've had an absolutely brilliant Christmas (even though we were missing our families). Got up and opened all our pressies. I got a few pressies from home and we both got each other bodyboards and other bits and pieces.

We went to the local catholic church where they were having a Samoan Christmas mass - it was all in Samoan (so we didn't understand much) and most of it was sung with all the Samoans wearing white dresses (even the men!) with garlands of red flowers hanging around their necks.

At lunchtime we headed to the beach for our barbie and to try out our new bodyboards.
The bbq was really gorgeous but there weren't really any waves for the bodyboards - more like trying to surf on blessington lake! A typical Christmas night followed of lying on the sofa watching films, drinking Baileys and eating far too much rubbish.


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