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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ropes Course

We decided to go on a day tour out of Auckland so we went to a forest about an hours drive from our house to do a 'ropes course' which basically meant that we spent about two hours climbing 7 metres up into trees and then crossing huge gaps in the trees on tightropes, cargo nets, flying foxes and other 'obstacle course' style things - it was very Krypton Factor! At the end of each set of obstacles you got to get down from the trees by going on a flying fox. The last one was about 150 metres long and was so much fun!!

What wasn't as much fun (well Ciaran thought it was hilarious) was when I got stuck on a cargo net 10 metres in the air. The idea was that you swung 'tarzan style' on a rope from one tree to the next, which was about 5 metres away then jump onto a cargo net and scramble your way onto the next tree. Unfortunately, when I swung across I couldn't reach the line in time so ended up dangling in my harness for about 5 minutes - got the biggest bruise in the world on my arm from it but managed to climb up the net as soon as I heard that an instructor was on the way to 'rescue me' - that would've been so humiliating!

Then it was time to go to Mirawai beach and after a picnic lunch of fush & chups we spent a couple of hours splashing around in the water and getting knocked over by huge waves - not a bad way to end the day...


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