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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bay of Islands and the real world....

The job hunt began last week - depressing - but I got a 1 week contract the day after I started looking so hopefully that's a sign of things to come. It was good to have a short assignment just to ease me back into work. Elaine is also starting a job today in a property management company, she's not sure how long it will last for but at least we're guaranteed a break at Christmas. Her job is based in the Viaduct in the centre of town which is the fantastic harbour area they built for the america's cup competition a couple of years ago.

We've spent the last couple of days in the Bay of Islands which is an area about 4 hours north of Auckland. The drive up there brought us through lots of different national parks and all along the pacific coast. It was really beautiful and the bay itself was absolutely stunning - beautiful beaches, blue-green sea and so many nice parks and trees all around.

The weather here at the moment can only be described as SCORCHING!!!! It's factor 30 suncream everyday and as much swimming as we can do. Our local beach is about 10 minute drive from the house in Mission Bay and is a really nice place to swim, quite calm water and hopefully no sharks....

Being in the Bay of Islands was just amazing and we can't wait to go back and spend at least a week up there. We're both really amazed at how beautiful the North Island is because everyone always says the South is the best. The vegetation is lush and really tropical and the sea is warm with great waves - might even give surfing a go!!


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