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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January in Sydney

January over here is completely different to January at home thanks to the great weather. Everybody's in a good mood, with the long evenings and beautiful days... So naturally enough we spent plenty of time outdoors enjoying it all, at the beach and the parks and checking out different parts of the city. We also celebrated both our birthdays - yahoo!

For my birthday we had a picnic in the Botanic Gardens, sitting by the water in front of the Opera House watching the sunset with a nice bottle of wine.... fantastic!

Since we arrived in Australia Ciaran's been dying to see a Cassowary. This is a native bird, the size of an ostrich but with a tendency to rip your heart out of your chest if you ever cross him.... I think it must be a man thing to be interested in them! One way or the other we haven't managed to see one so far. With this in mind I surprise him with a trip to the zoo for his birthday, we're going in search of the elusive cassowary.... Murphy's Law, they don't have any at the zoo either..... Not to worry though, it's a beautiful day and we have a great time wandering around in the sunshine, looking at all the animals with great views out over Sydney Harbour.
The search for the cassowary continues....

That night we went into Home which is one of the biggest nightclubs in Sydney (we went there for my birthday too). We had such a great night, sore heads the next day though....


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