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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bondi Brats!

We're not really sure how we were this lucky but we managed to find the most fantastic place to live. It's a 3 bed apartment with a huge living area and views of the harbour bridge & opera house. It's also got 2 swimming pools, gyms, jacuzzi's sauna's & tennis courts, a bbq area, snooker room & racquet ball court (I'm not even sure what racquet ball is, but we've got a court to play on if we ever figure it out!). Needless to say we love it!

We've moved in with 3 girls that we met in the hostel. Two sisters, Kelley & Susan from Castleknock and their friend Sam from Cork. They're gas craic, always up for a laugh. They've already named us the Bondi Brats (they wanted to call us the bondi babes first, but Ciaran put his foot down at that one) so we're doing our best to live up to the title, kicking off with a hallowe'en party which involved myself and Sam dressing up as mummy's (the old dead mummy's, not the 'yummy mummy' variety!). Well when I say 'dressing up' I mean wrapping ourselves in toilet paper... anyway, it's definitely one of those 'you had to be there' moments but we all had a great laugh...
Fingers crossed Ciaran can cope with living with 4 women!


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