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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

St Stephens Day

On St Stephens Day Ciaran & I headed into the Botanic Gardens for a walk & a picnic.
It was such a beautiful day and we really wanted to see the classic view of the Opera House & Harbour Bridge which you get from the botanic.
The botanic isn't like the one in Dublin and we haven't suddenly developed a love of botany it's really just a park where people come to sunbathe on a hot day when they don't fancy getting covered in sand at the beach. There's millions of huge fruit bats hanging from the trees which Ciaran was fascinated with, I was more interested in staying in the shade because I felt like I was going to melt!

We walked through the botanic to Mrs Macquaries Chair which is the area where you get the classic harbour views, then had a picnic from the Christmas day leftovers - it was a gorgeous afternoon.

The girls had a slightly different day at the races in Randwick which resulted in Kelley dressing up like a Christmas tree and dancing around the street outside the apartment - hilarious!


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