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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fraser Island - day 2

It was great to wake up on the beach and to hear the sound of the sea first thing in the morning. We could only drive on the beach at certain times because of the tides so the next morning got off to a slow start which was probably just as well for those with hangovers!

Myself and Ciarán took a walk up to the Dundaburra campsite which is about 2km's away. As backpackers we're not allowed to stay in the official campsites because they think we'll be too noisey - maybe they're right. We had a lovely walk along the beach and a chat to the ranger at the campsite who gave us a few ideas on what to do today and where to camp tonight.

We set off at about 12 o'clock and headed north to Indian Heads. Indian Heads is a rock formation and one of the only places on the island that isn't made of sand! The sea surrounding Fraser Islands is a breeding ground for tiger sharks (swimming is strictly banned) and we were delighted to see lots of sharks, turtles, whales, dolphins and even a manta ray from the top of Indian Heads. The views back down the coast line were really beautiful too.

After a picnic lunch on Indian Heads we all walked up to the Champagne Pools. It was only about a 40 minute walk but we were so hot by the time we got there I ran straight into the water. The Champagne Pools are formed by a volcanic rock barrier which shields the beach from the sea. As the waves from the sea come in they poor down over the rock pools and fizz like champagne - really cool and the only chance to swim in seawater without been eaten by a shark!!

That night we camped at Cornwells beach (more bbq) and even had a visit from a dingo. We didn't actually see him (some of the others did) but as we were trying to get to sleep we could hear him sniffing round our tent and we even saw some of his tracks right beside us the next morning!


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