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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fraser Island - day 3

We had to be up at 6am on the final day in order to be off the beach before the tide came in. It was good to make an early start as we still had a lot to see. We took the Southern Scenic Lake track which was a very bumpy track and saw lake Birrabeen, Benaroon and Boomajin.

We had intended to go to Lake Wabby for a few hours but lake Boomajin was so beautiful we just stayed there. Spent a couple of hours playing frisbee & football then had another picnic.

Everybody really enjoyed it although So Jin (the Korean girl) found the sun too hot and spent most of her time under a tree. She's really lovely and is in Australia to learn English. She's only been speaking English for 2 weeks but it was worth making the effort to simplify sentences and speak slowly as she's so nice and just giggles all the time. She even tried to teach me some Korean which went in one ear and out the other! Still it was really interesting to find out some things about Korea and Seoul and how she lives over there.

After lake Boomajin we had to go get the ferry back to Hervey Bay. Myself and Ellen were lucky enough to see two really big turtles in the sea on the way back.

You'd have thought we'd seen enough of each other & sand but that evening we all met up (and the dutch girls too) for Pizza, drinking games and a trip to the beach! Couldn't face another bbq!


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