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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hervey Bay

We got to Hervey Bay at about lunchtime and spent the day beside the beach. Mariella & Martina (the dutch girls we met on the Whitsundays) came down to the campsite later that evening and we ended up going out with them for the night.

The next day we booked our Fraser Island trip. We're going with some of the gang from the Whitsundays (Chris, Karen, Owen & Sarah) so should be great fun. That afternoon we had our briefing for the trip & met the rest of our group. Another English couple, Ellen & Graham, a german couple, Ina & Kevin and a Korean girl, na So Jin.

Fraser Island is a huge sand island off the coast of Hervey Bay. To get around you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle as all the roads are just soft sand going through forests. You can also drive on the beach in the harder sand but have to be careful not to drive into creeks coming down from the forests to the sea or not to get stuck in the soft sand on the beach while the tide is on the way in!

The briefing covered all the basics of what to do and what not to do then we had to go shopping to buy food for us all for three days and after that we all wanted an early night as we've to be up at 5am tomorrow.


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