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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Taking it easy in Cusco

We´ve been in Cusco for 5 days now and we´ve totally chilled out.

It´s such a great city. Quite small with a lovely square in the centre called Plaza de Armas. It´s completely aimed at western tourists so is totally packed with restaurants and bars.

We´ve spent so many lazy days just relaxing, walking around the streets of the city and eating in trendy restaurants like Fallen Angel, where the tables are baths with fish swimming around in them topped with glass & Los Peros, where you can spend the afternoon lounging on the couches, reading and listening to music... Not a bad way to spend a few days...

Have met some cool people in the hostel and have been having a blast. Time to get going and do some sightseeing now though - getting ichy feet!


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