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Thursday, October 06, 2005

La Paz

Spent the day walking (or puffing) our way around La Paz. The air is so thin that we had to go fairly slowly.
Visited the witches market where you can buy all sorts of crazy potions including llama foetus´s - really disgusting! They will also run a guinea pig up and down your body to find out what ailments you have.... we passed on that one!

Had a lovely lunch in a posh restaurant and ate far too much cake.

Went shopping in the Mercardo Negro (markets) for waterproof jackets and warm clothes. Everything is so cheap here. We got gloves, hats, jackets and a bag for about EUR50. We´ve heard that Peru is fairly chilly at this time of year so may as well get the bargains here while we can.

Had an earlyish night - up for another 12 hour bus journey at 7.30 tomorrow morning. Going to Cusco, Peru.


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