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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Santa Cruz, you´re not that far...

Arrive in Santa Cruz station at 7.30 am. Have cold showers at the station and start to realise that we could live like rock stars over here!!

For example. our lunch of 2 omelettes with chips & salad, 2 coffee´s and a sprite came to 36 Bs which is the grand total of about EUR4!

Santa Cruz is quite a nice little city with a European style square in the centre, but outside the town it´s a completely different story, with people living in litle shanty towns made up of wooden huts. Pigs and chickens roam everywhere and the horse and cart still seems to be a popular mode of transport.

The Bolivian people look so different to the Brazilians, kind of like native Americans - very indigenous looking, and a lot still wear traditional dress. It´s officially a 3rd world country, and it feels like it.

Going to get a 20hr overnight bus tonight to La Paz...


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