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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Koh Tao

Leaving Bangkok we took the overnight bus to Chumporn then the ferry to Koh Tao which is on the east coast of Thailand. We'd decided on the east coast because we were told that it was dry season here and monsoon on the west. Unfortunately the weather wasn't what we'd hoped for. Although it was quite hot the sky was often grey and we were getting at least one torrential downpour a day, which always managed to catch us out. Saying that though, we stayed for 5 days and had a fantastic time.

We found a nice guesthouse on Sairee Beach and met up with Marc & Megan the Canadians that we'd first met on the way to Laos. We also bumped into Sorcha - one of the girls from Sydney and a group of English lads that were good craic.

Most of the bars and restaurants are lined along the beach and at night time the tide comes right up to the edge of the restaurants and they have to move all the seating for the bars back . For such a small island there was great nightlife with Ciaran heading off one night with two thai girls from the bar to a Pirate Party. I found him at 5am outside our room stuffing pringles into his mouth with a pirate patch over one eye. Next day I was happy to be the one with no hangover!

During the days we just wandered around the island checking out other beaches and the small town. Marc & Megan had left for Koh Phi Phi on the west coast and mailed us to say the weather there was better so after 5 days we packed our bags and headed back to the ferry.


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