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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mui Ne, Vietnam

We left Ho Chi Minh and headed to the tiny beach of Mui Ne. The drama of getting to Mui Ne far outweighed the excitement of the town itself.

Mui Ne is a gorgeous little fishing village consisting of just one street with lots of guesthouses, and a beach, needless to say we had a very relaxing few days here. Swimming in the sea and eating dinner at the beachside restaurants.

Unfortunately the coach trip from Ho Chi Minh wasn't as relaxing. As a 4 hour journey turned into 7 hours at breakneck speed, swerving in and out of lanes beeping the horn every two seconds and slamming on the brakes. The cherry on the cake; driving up the top of a hill on the wrong side of the road to be greeted at the cusp by two huge trucks, one overtaking the other..... don't know how we survived that...... But hey, we did, and Mui Ne was great!


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