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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hitting the slopes

We left Akaroa and headed towards Methven where we intended to spend a few days skiing at Mt Hutt. When we got there we didn't like it - no reason why, just didn't like the place so the next morning we headed towards Fairlie to ski at Mt Dobson.

One night at Fairlie holiday park quickly turned to three as it was such a nice place. Mt Dobson ski field was about 30 km's away (about 15 of which were directly up the side of the mountain). It was scary to drive up there the first day (and terrifying to be a passenger!). We had to stop about half way up for Ciaran to put the snow chains on the car (there was no way I was lying down in the mud!) once the chains we're on we really started heading into the ice and with a drop straight down off the side of the cliff I thought we'd never get to the top. I was exhausted and we hadn't even got our ski's on yet!

I spent two days getting skiing lessons and practicing on a slope that was about as steep as the driveway but by the second afternoon I came down the big learners slope which was actually quite steep (I fell about a hundred times on the way down and am covered in bruises) so I felt great. Ciaran had a snowboarding lesson and went straight to the big learner slope (I was so jealous!) still he fell over a million times himself although now he think's he's a pro-boarder - hahaha!

Going to Queenstown in a few weeks so will do it all again there.


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