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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bus to Arequipa

Well tonight we`re leaving the oasis paradise of Huacachina and getting a 14 hour bus to Arequipa in South Peru. Stina, Anna (the Swedish girls) and Jim (English guy) that we did the sandboarding with and hung around with in Huacachina are going too.

The bus company are security mad (which is a good thing considering everything we have is on the bus!) , when everyone was on board and just before we left, a security man from the company got on board and videoed everyone and where they were sitting with a camcorder. This is after they`ve checked and double checked our passports, oh and put our bags through the metal detector - we`re fairly sure we won`t get robbed on this bus!

An hour or so into the journey, just before the films begin our hostess with the mostess hands out all these cards with numbers on them to each passenger. A game of bingo (in spanish of course) begins... kinda strange. Even weirder was when someone won and the hostess gets them up to the top of the bus and starts an interview asking them their name, where they`re from and things like that. One guy kind of likes the attention and starts cracking a few jokes too....the buses over here are just plain weird!

After a while we realised that we had made a BIG misake in choosing our seats though. We were sitting in seats near the back and beside the toilets. Oh what a problem on a 14 hour bus journey, especially when one of the other passengers has the didn`t make for a pleasant journey - stinkarama!!


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